We offer you the value of experience, for your brand development. This means we will deliver a high end product in a quick period of time. We'll give you what you truly need: Advice.

User Experience

Our services are user centered. We think about the user experience always, whether it is digital or print.

Quick & Honest Communication

We offer honest & transparent communication from beginning to end. This means we will always have a quick answer & Advice for your e-mails & messages.

Branding Specialists

We sail through the deep waters of creativity to build the best end product for you & your audience. Mastering & delivering out of the box Innovative thinking & top of the line Branding.


10 Years of professional experience working w/ agencies, companies, startUps, & entrep. w/ Brands Like: Outernets NYC, Bazaarvoice, Sun Warrior, Cala Luna hotel, La Senda, Tamarindo AWF, etc.


We still hear the soundtrack of pure motivation to make the world unique through creation. We are always excited to show you our solutions.

Branding Specialists

Branding Strategy, Creation, Refresh & Expansion. Logo, Print & Digital Marketing, Packaging (business cards, flyers, posters, post cards, mailers, banners, editorial design, etc)

Social Media

Creation, Development & Management of Social Media Strategies. Calendarization, Ads, Video, Posting, Metrics.

Design for Film

Movie Title, Credits, Posters & Marketing Materials for Film. Graphic Props, internal brand design & animations.

Photography, Video & Web

Portrait, Sports, Product, Corporate & Wedding photography. WordPress, Squarespace, E-commerce, Shopify & Custom Design, Development & SEO.

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Lighthouse will unlock innovative thoughts, new eyes for everyday things. It will enlighten your path through the storm, guide you & advice you professionally by making you understand you true needs.

“You can’t always get what you want, but if you try sometimes you get what you need.”

–> ! WARNING: If you are not prepared for unconventional solutions for your brand, we are not meant for each other. (You may feel dizzy) This light is intended for minds without limits.

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Our Team

We are a one person studio that works with trusted collaborators.
Branding Specialist Lighthouse Pixels

Mj Salinas

Founder & Branding Specialist

Her innovative & Out of the Box thinking is what makes Lighthouse Pixels an outstanding project.


About Brands, Empowerment  & Film.
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